WIAM® data: Multifaceted and proven facts

WIAM® data provides data assets to use for example in construction, material selection, standardisation, calculation and simulation. Whether purchasing, sales, material selection, component development, product design, engineering or calculation and simulation – WIAM® offers a tool with which companies will certainly achieve their goals.



proven in industry and research

The material database WIAM® METALLINFO and its modules have been awarded within the industry and research as an information system for materials. Based on the needs of users it is possible to access a large data pool including issues from various fields.

More than 6,000 materials, 180,000 modifications and over 2 million characteristic values can be researched with the database. The material areas steel, cast steel, cast iron, nonferrous metals (cast and wrought), as well as plastics, are accessible in specific material databases. Amongst other things:


  • Steel Database
  • Cast metals database
  • Cast steel database
  • Aluminum database
  • Copper database
  • Magnesium database
  • Titanium database
  • Nickel database
  • Cobalt database
  • Zinc database


Module: additional management elements as needed

In addition to our basic database WIAM® METALLINFO we offer three database modules:


Module WIAM® FLIESS – Flow curves, σ-ε-curves
  • Depending on the sheet thickness and rolling direction or of strain rate and temperature
  • Parameters of the approximation equations
  • Flow curves from compressive and tensile test
  • Technical σ-ε-curves
  • Sample and test description
Module WIAM® ZYK – Fatigue strength
  • SN- and EN-curves as a function of geometry and loading conditions
  • Graphical display of the load spectrum and sample geometry
  • Parameter for determining the cyclic stress-strain curve
  • Indication of the evaluated parameters for the tests
  • Specified statistical parameters
  • Sample and test description
Modul WIAM® ZTU – Time-Temperature-Transformation
  • Continuous cooling and isothermic diagrams
  • Cooling curves with hardness details and cooling rate
  • Microstructural phase percentage
  • Austenitising time and temperature
  • Test description
  • Reference

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