Data Management for functional thin film coatings – WIAM is a new member of EFDS

WIAM is a new member of the European Society of This Films, targeting an extensive increase in data management efficiency.



Since 1st June 2019, WIAM has joined the European Society of Thin Films (EFDS). The purpose of the EFDS is to support science and R&D regarding thin films. With its currently 133 companies and institutions as well as 65 personal members, the EFDS itself is a member of the German Federation of Industrial Research Associations (AiF).

As a member of EFDS, we support companies in the future involved with surface technology, which is closely linked to materials science. These technologies like PVD and CVD are used successfully for semiconductors, medical technologies, tribology and the functionalisation of plastics, producing magnitudes of different data. Thus, the management and evaluation of those data can easily be done with WIAM® ICE. Using our Know-How in data management, processes and surface technology, we strive to get this future technology into shape for the requirements of digitalisation and automation. Additionally, the surface treatment of additive manufactured parts becomes an emerging topic in coating technology. For this purpose, WIAM® ICE is an efficient tool which helps to reduce the increasing complexity of data and processes.

WIAM was officially introduced at the last EFDS meeting of the Tribological Coating technical committee on 6th June this year. Aim of this group is to reduce friction by developing and commercialising adequate thin film coatings. By increasing the lifetime of machine parts and decreasing energy consumption, these surfaces are reducing costs for companies since many years. Up to now, those coating systems are developed individually for nearly every use case. The competitive advantage of a coating supplier is thus mainly the experience of its employees. We believe, the application of WIAM® ICE will lead to a rapid increase of efficiency.

We are looking forward to presenting us and our product to the international experts in thin film coating at the V2019 – Vakuum & Plasma, which takes place in Dresden from 8th until 10th October 2019.

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