Data and knowledge management with WIAM® ICE

WIAM® supports companies in finding information, managing data,
linking knowledge and thereby promoting innovation!


of material knowledge is concealed from view

The unstructured knowledge is

simply frozen in each department

and cannot be seen as a whole.

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WIAM® makes existing knowledge accessible, frees it from rigidity, puts it into an effective information flow and prepares it in a structured way. This ensures fast and secure access to the information a person is looking for.
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WIAM® visualises not only superficial but also detailed, in-depth knowledge. This allows people to look at the big picture by evaluating parameters and values and visualising data. Whilst doing so, decisive framework conditions such as legal and company-specific requirements for documentation are taken into consideration.
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WIAM® solutions help people to effectively find and connect hidden information. Not only will this provide the company with huge time savings, but also with the associated financial benefits as well as with satisfied employees. By making information available and linking data, the potential of information is successfully exploited and the innovative power of the company is secured.
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With WIAM® ICE companies collect and manage interdisciplinary data in one place.

Confidential company data can be combined with other data sources. Consequently, the knowledge is available without gaps and centrally retrievable.

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Features of WIAM® ICE

With features of WIAM® ICE knowledge will be clearly represented and managed.

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