Software Solutions for Food Industry
The food industry is one of the world’s largest industries. This industry includes the manufacturing of basic foodstuffs in agriculture and the additional processing in the food industry. Complex material flow constellations and mixing processes, constant quality control, tight delivery and high storage & raw material costs are some of the challenges facing the industry.


Transparency in production processes

Automated processes supported by the right software provide companies with the ability to document periodic sampling and maintain transparency in the production process. Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) are responsible to plan and coordinate operational and machine data, resources, material flows, etc. and monitor performance analysis, personnel and quality management. But what happens to the most important data from LIMS, MES and Co.?


WIAM® offers suitable software solutions for documentation, maintenance and structuring of all important data for food development, information for examination and quality, purchasing information, characteristics of agricultural trends, etc.


Additionally, WIAM® permanently supports the innovation process in a business. By linking different systems e.g. MES, SAP, PDM and areas of the company, processes as a whole become more transparent. Laboratory data and test results can be obtained in WIAM® through various interfaces either directly from the testing machine or from the existing MES or LIMS.


WIAM® ICE promotes data flows and cross-linking

Rather often, individual departments create very specific analysis, summaries and visualisations for departments, management, customers and partners. Masks in WIAM® can be individually adjusted, allowing evaluations to appear immediately and automatically after transmission of sample- and lab results and binding data automatically.


In addition, various data, chemicals, materials, test results, suppliers, etc. are obtained from a single data source. Standards and guidelines can be maintained and linked to internal data within the system.


By means of an internally or externally managed user management, specific areas for different user groups can be created. Thus, the laboratory personnel maintain their laboratory data and allow access once the outsourcer, for example, the R & D department, needs to view the data. After verification by the R & D, in turn, specific characteristics are passed to purchase, calculation, product development, etc.


Above all, data security is an essential aspect in all large corporations and takes a vital role within the food industry. To guarantee data protection, WIAM® integrates into every conceivable business & IT structure seamlessly


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