Interfaces: Connecting the company-specific IT landscape

Successful companies have a very well-established informal network between their employees and leaders and internal communication is very important. However, not only people should be well-connected within a company, but also IT applications with which people are working should be closely linked to each other when thinking about a seamless process in digitalisation.

By using the component WIAM® SocialICE, employees can inform each other about new tasks within projects, about development statuses on products and share common documentation and information. Consequently, the tool supports the informal knowledge and experience exchange between people.

Additionally, WIAM offers individual solutions for connecting internal applications. Interfaces to ERP systems, which control enterprise resources and to PDM or PLM systems can be linked using the REST-API. Laboratory data systems, LIMS, can also be linked as well as measuring and testing equipment, e.g. using OPCUA communication standards. Based on existing standard interfaces, customer-specific implementations can be made and will be documented.