Engineering Data: From Requirements to Releases


The product development process within a company is a process, in which process steps are run in parallel or one after the other together with many internal and external process partners. Applications, such as PDMs or PLMs supports this part of the process which mainly focus on end products and less on smaller components or even materials and substances. In contrast, ressources and manufacturers are managed by ERP systems such as SAP, ABAS and Co. These systems have been developed to control companies without going onto a deeper data level and for which they are perfectly suited. However, handling and documenting detailed development, reliability and testing data as well as simulation and construction values and parameters, for which large quantities of data have been gathered, is not their strong-suit.


These tasks for the research and development focussed areas of business can be handled by the data management system WIAM® ICE. Thanks to result-oriented interfaces to the above-mentioned systems, WIAM® ICE efficiently supports the management of the overall, digital R&D process.

Advantages and tasks of WIAM® ICE regarding R&D company processes are, e.g.:

  • Support with the definition of requirements for a part and with the material selection
  • Automated provision of test orders and test specifications – to internal laboratories or external suppliers
  • Evaluation, preparation and saving of results directly from measuring or testing devices (e.g. Zwick, Instron, MTS), e.g. with statistical evaluation or AI methods
  • Basis for the virtual construction process: Preparation and handover of material cards to CAE programs
  • Archiving of data entries, results and process data
  • Export of file formats for presentations, statistical analysis and error calculations
  • Evaluation of testing data across long periods of time for trends analysis within material development and substances application

All of this information is versioned and with the company-specific data for traceability documented, in order to suffice the internal quality management according to ISO 9001/ 9100 as well as requirements regarding product liability and product safety.

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