WIAM® ICE: organise and digitalise your R&D data

WIAM® ICE offers a comprehensive and flexible information system, in which you can manage any type of data and can merge information from other systems into one powerful tool.


Important standard features of WIAM®

  • Generic data model to represent any possible data structure
  • Easy and fast search & data entry
  • Investment in tables with comfortable data maintenance in tables
  • Linking tables to objects
  • Linking objects in tree & views compound
  • Easy data management by administration tool Genesis or in Excel
  • Various comparative and visualization views
  • Multi-user functionality and unlimited number of any user
  • Export of data sheets and documents
  • Import and indexing of documents
  • Easy management of attachments (doc, pdf, xls, jpg, u.v.m.)
  • Intelligent search suggestions, for example, suggestion list, similar results
  • Comments are & discussions for employees
  • Worldwide access the corporate intranet
  • Central and easy data management
  • REST API to build search and data interfaces to other systems



System integration (PDM, PLM, ERP, CAD, CAE, …) through interfaces to other system

  • Automated data exchange
  • Individual user management and version history
  • Dynamically expanding program functionalities, for example:
  • Table comparisons

    • Custom 2D & 3D graphs
    • Visualisation of connected elements
    • Approval workflows for data
    • News feed for tracking recent changes
    • Last visited elements
  • Company-specific admin page and admin reporting
  • Integration into the IT security policy of the company
  • Extension with databases, for example WIAM® METALLINFO, MMPDS

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WIAM ICE Diagram
WIAM ICE Diagram