WIAM® ICE: Data Management Software for Engineering Research and Development


WIAM® ICE offers you comprehensive and flexible software for your data management. Our expertise is in the area of ​​research and development and since the late 1980s we have been developing databases and standard software for general and widely usable data management. Maintain your materials, products, projects, regulations, standards, tests, laboratory information, material cards and much more with WIAM® ICE.


Scope of Application

WIAM® ICE is initially a individually configurable data management system without predefined data objects, tables and parameters. The product is used for data management in technical areas, such as in test laboratories, in research and in product and material development. With WIAM® ICE, the customer can quickly structure and digitize complex issues clearly and fast.

Customer Benefit

WIAM® ICE is used for checking, approval and traceability of technical data, which can be compared, calculated, prepared and further processed. Because they form the basis for digital processes – for IoT, Big Data, AI -, automation and well-founded decisions. The product enables an individual design by the customer and through additional modules for product liability and quality assurance.

Functionalities/ Key Features:

  • Unlimited number of any data objects (objects, characteristic values, parameters, values, text, links, numbers, sources / references, data areas, and much more)
  • Structuring of the data objects in trees with hierarchical structure and inheritance of information from top to bottom
  • Any number of data containers (tables) on each data object
  • Any number of data types or parameters in any table
  • Unrestricted creation of references between the data objects and representation of connections via a network graph
  • Document indexing, references to internal and external documents
  • Search: Keyword search and search for properties and combinations of properties (parameter search)
  • Clear UIs for experts and standard users on desktop / laptop, tablet and mobile
  • Evaluation of data in the data sheet: Overview of all information on one or more objects
  • Comparison of information: tabular and graphical
  • Import & export functionalities for csv, Excel, xml, json
  • Creation of individual evaluations from attachments and data sheets using formulas in the integrated formula engine (internal / external via JavaScript and Python)
  • Creation of any masks for processing / creating information in a clear and simplified form
  • Dashboard functionality: Management of any overviews, results and tasks
  • Evaluation and comparison of big data with statistical analysis
  • Integrated user management: users, roles and authorizations with / without SSO integration
  • Version history, approvals based on the dual control principle and higher
  • Configuration interface for easy administration of the software
  • Interface integration and use of data via REST API

Digitalization and Automation

On the server side, WIAM® ICE is based on the JavaEE stack and can therefore be used across platforms on Windows and Linux. It can be operated as a stand-alone solution, but also in a distributed environment with several parallel instances (in the AppServer or via Docker).

The software is cloud-capable and is used productively in group-specific cloud environments and also by public cloud providers (e.g. AWS, Azure, Ionos).

For integration into digitization and automation processes, WIAM® ICE has a generally valid data format (Excel, XML or JSON), with which the entire database or any partial aspects (structure, movement data, Objects) for the data exchange (import / export) can be mapped. An associated mass data interface enables data transfer via a REST- API , taking into account the rights management.

For integration into the corporate environment, the product supports various single sign-on concepts, but can also be adapted to company-specific solutions. The connection to an active directory is configurable. The frontend based on HTML5 / Javascript can thus be called up in modern browsers. No further software is required on the clients.

WIAM® ICE has a scripting engine, WIAM® Formula Service, with which, depending on the rights management, algorithms in Python and Javascript for data processing can be stored and executed. WIAM ® ICE can be expanded almost as required by administrators or key users during runtime without having to update the application in the backend. In connection with the WIAM® CRON service, these algorithms can be executed time or action controlled automatically , whereby automated workflows can be designed.


Various interfaces allow information to be created quickly, data imports to be automated and exports in Excel, JSON or xml to be linked to other tools via Python scripts and REST. The connection of specially developed and external tools such as Matlab, Jupyter Notebook makes it possible to use each tool according to its strengths. WIAM is the data basis for all quality assurance and evaluation processes in companies!


  • System integration (PDM, PLM, ERP, CAD, CAE, …) through interfaces to other systems
  • Expandability using additional modular components such as WIAM® LabDataHub and WIAM® MaterialsHub
  • Company-specific user management with roles and rights
    • Approval workflows for data
    • News feed to keep track of the latest changes
    • Last visited items
  • Company-specific administrator area and reporting
  • Integration into the company’s IT security concept
  • Extensions to internal and external databases, e.g. WIAM® METALLINFO, MMPDS

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