Research and Development

Digitalisation of the industry and Digital Engineering does not just mean the connectedness of production processes and other company software. It means that research and development processes are also reconsidered and adapted to new opportunities and challenges. Particularly in the area of research and development, the company know-how is still strongly based on individual know-how and experience. And successful companies thrive on the fact that their employees are personally networked. In the course of the change to new working models within the companies on the one hand and the outsourcing of development services on the other hand, it is of utmost importance to ensure that information does not get lost. Here again, a professional, but also flexible data management is required, which is supported by the product WIAM® ICE. It is possible within a system, both along the development chain from the first idea to the final release, as well as with neighbouring IT applications within R&D, such as simulation tools or lab systems to manage the data. The strength of WIAM® ICE can be seen above all when large and complex amounts of data have to be processed. Therefore, the application is particularly suited for the development of complex manufacturing processes, such as the production of composites, coatings and generative methods, e.g. 3D printing.