Software Solutions for Aviation

New composite materials, alternative propulsion techniques and original design and interiors are current innovation elements in the aircraft industry. The pressure on the competitiveness of aircraft manufacturers is rising steadily, and additionally the research and development in this industry must adhere to many guidelines, norms and standards.


In compliance with guidelines and standards

These specific guidelines and standards, such as the aerospace material specifications, for example, AMS (aerospace material specification) of SAE or ASTM must be taken into account in the development of materials. In addition, the aviation industry is, due to its general internationality, subject to strict conditions for military and civil aviation.


To meet these challenges, WIAM® offers suitable software solutions for documentation, maintenance and structuring of all accumulated data for materials development, information regarding the use and testing, purchase information, parameters for calculation and simulation, and more.


Aviation is subject to stringent national, international and legal constraints for the storage of data and information. The WIAM® solutions material data management, test data and simulation & calculation data management are generally suitable to ensure a uniform database for all departments. WIAM additionally offers the released data of the MMPDS consortium.


WIAM® software solutions offer quality and flexibility

The solutions management of fibre composites and plastics and interconnecting technologies are also appealing, as in aviation a lot of experimenting takes place with FRP and composite materials, whose positive characteristics can be useful and are often used in appropriate modules.


Above all, data security is an essential aspect in aviation. However, WIAM® integrates into every conceivable business & IT structure seamlessly. The incorporation into IT security concepts is ensured, and potential targets in software development are mitigated through code reviews, vulnerability scans and penetration tests.


Through the user management, diverse internal or external groups of users can obtain limited views on certain material groups, data sets and collections. Moreover, the system allows for a distinction between read and write privileges. Depending on the complexity of user groups, various filters can additionally limit views.


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