Engineering & materials production

The industries mechanical engineering and materials production are represented in different sectors and industries: from household goods, to medical technology and up to industrial and plant building. Material research, development and testing are therefore an essential component of all those sectors.


Exigence for innovative materials

For all those areas, components, products and equipment have to satisfy the demand to be prepared from appropriate resources, materials and chemicals. Only then, the functionality, quality, safety, reliability and environmental performance can be guaranteed. Results of material research and development contribute to solving urgent issues in future demand areas such as mobility, energy, medicine and communications. This means that raw materials and resources are essential innovation drivers for the industry.


WIAM® offers suitable software solutions for documentation, maintenance and structuring of all accumulated data for materials development, information regarding the use and testing, purchase information, parameters for calculation and simulation, etc.


WIAM® software solutions support in finding and develop information

The module test data prepares result-oriented test data and presents these in both a tabular and a graphical approach. Laboratory and test reports are no longer distributed in different folders on drives, making them virtually untraceable, but are indexed in the search and can be found quickly using keywords.


Calculation data and standard data are also accurately modified, evaluated and following that, tabulated and graphically presented. The individual modules are preparing intermediate data, information and documents in such a way, that these are well structured and therefore easy to find.


Through the user management, diverse internal or external groups of users can obtain limited views on certain material groups, data sets and collections. Moreover, the system allows for a distinction between read and write privileges. Depending on the complexity of user groups, various filters can additionally limit views.


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