WIAM integrates the idea of Industry 4.0: The digital process from material idea to component in the product development 4.0

WIAM has rebranded itself and presents its new face as well as its renewed website

Introduction of WIAM® ICE “Information connects Experience” in form of a browser-based system run on a Java Application Server with REST-API and interfaces to other systems such as ERP, PLM, CAD, …

New Java Application Software WIAM® Plattform accessible within browser including change tool WIAM® Genesis and modular plugin-architecture

English version of WIAM® METALLINFO & METALLINFO Online as PHP application within browser, Module fatigue strength behaviour WIAM® ZYK

Switch to a desktop application in MS/Windows 3.1. and integration of material information and material selection under a uniform user interface as material database WIAM® METALLINFO as well as recording of material information in accordance with EN / DIN EN

Transition to compatible IBM PC DOS material database of the Information Centre of Material Application IZW including search functionalities

Establishment of the Information Centre for Materials Application within the Institute of Lightweight Construction (IfL) included punched card input and needelprinting output