Products of WIAM®

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WIAM offers powerful software for engineering data for products, materials, test data, simulation and calculation data, standards, and much more . With WIAM software you can easily and clearly collect, research, visualize and compare your information. The powerful network graph allows you to visualise relationships between information and find corresponding information. You also have the opportunity to combine the information system with other corporate systems such as CAD & CAE , PLM , PDM and ERP and ensure automated data exchange and matching besides import & export.


WIAM® ICE: The integrated system for knowledge, materials, data and values


The systemisation, processing and management of data and information helps to secure long-term know-how, increases quality and efficiency and shortens processes. Using WIAM®, companies have the opportunity to build a customised database system, which different departments such as standardisation, research & development, simulation & computing can access any time.

Advantages to for companies

  • Improvement of processes, such as Research & Development     
  • Efficiency & quality improvement   
  • Improvement of communication and exchange of experience