Software Solutions for Chemical Data Management

According to the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI), there is no other industry that a similarly diverse range of products and such a diverse customer base comprises like the chemical-pharmaceutical industry. The commonly associated with chemical products such as sulfuric acid, fertilizer or plastics are as much the product portfolio as well as cough syrups, tablets or creams. Thus, the chemical and pharmaceutical companies reach their customers in various sectors of the industry, but are also directly with the end user in connection.


Source: VCI


Process test data in a result-oriented manner

WIAM® offers suitable software solutions for documentation, maintenance and structuring of all accumulated data for materials development, information regarding the use and testing, shopping, parameters for calculation and simulation, etc. WIAM® permanently support the innovation process in the company.

The module test data prepares test data results-oriented and presents them in tabular and graphical. Laboratory and test reports are no longer distributed in different folders on drives and thus virtually untraceable, but are indexed in the search and can Subjects to be found quickly.


WIAM® ICE as a consistent data base

Also calculation data and standard data are compiled in accordance with, analyzed and displayed in tabular and graphical form. The individual modules are preparing the intermediate data, information and documents on so that they are stored in a structured and therefore easy to find.


About the User Management to different groups of users – internal or external – to obtain said data areas a limited view. Moreover, one can distinguish between read and write privileges. Depending on the complexity of the user groups to limit various filters other views.


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