WIAM® LabDataHub: The LIMS for the Digital Laboratory

WIAM connects the worlds between development, laboratory and engineering. WIAM LabDataHub is more than just a LIMS – it is the basis of the digital and networked laboratory. From order management to laboratory planning of resources to implementation, QR code management, calibration and certification, but also mathematical evaluation and formulas, the tool masters! It connects order management, resource administration, test planning and test execution to the evaluation of everything that laboratories and engineers need.

And moreover: In connection with our other products, each user group has its own area and functionalities tailored to them. We have put our expertise in the field of laboratory tests for materials, components and structures as well as for product development and IT into a product that guarantees continuous and automated data transfer between different areas in the company and ensures that all information that forms the basis of the material and Product development are always available and usable.

Scope of Application

The product is used in laboratories for planning, organizing and managing data and processes.  Consequently, this is a product for company laboratories as well as for contract laboratories with defined processes. Hence, it supports any processes from order creation to the transfer of results between internal and / or external process partners.

Customer benefit

The product supports the customer in the digitization of its laboratory and test order processes. The advantages are the comprehensible and safe handling as well as the automatable evaluation of measurement and result data. It facilitates efficient laboratory planning by providing an overview and networking of all resources, devices and test equipment through to certificates and qualifications.

LIMS Test Machine Integration
WIAM LabDataHub Raw Data curves
Material Compliance lab

FunCtionalities/ Key Features:

  • Order management: for small and large laboratories
    • Creation of any number of order masks for internal and external test orders
    • Assignment of order categories to user groups
    • Transfer / distribution of orders to internal and external laboratories
    • Any number of test orders and categories for orders
    • Planning of orders with clear processing via dashboard functionality
    • User-defined creation of important parameters such as status, target date, duration, costs, order number, and much more
    • Sample handling and scanning with QR codes
    • Approvals based on the 4-eyes principle
  • Resource management
    • Creation of testing machines, employees, measuring devices and other test equipment
    • Assignment of machines, devices and employees to test orders
    • Calendar function: overview of all machines, orders or employees when assigning data
  • Test equipment management
    • Creation of any test standards and specifications (customers, suppliers, laboratories)
    • Creation of information on machines and devices (certificates, calibration information, expiry date)
    • Employee pool with qualifications and / or assignment to specific machines
  • Reporting / dashboard
    • Dashboard for an overview of orders, tests, resources, status, etc. with any additional steps to be added
    • Export of information for report creation, e.g. in Jupyter Notebook with individual report design (visual and content)
    • Creation of management reports (utilization, KPIs, …)
  • Digital laboratory information process – expansion and evaluation
    • Transfer of a cross-material data model for laboratories, e.g. measurement and test data, test standards, resources, orders, device management
    • Expandability of the data model, e.g. new test procedures, new devices
    • Validation and evaluation of measurement results through to statistics using formulas (mean, standard deviation, coefficient of variation)
    • Creation of any formulas for evaluation, validation and further processing through scripts in the interface that can be adapted by key users (WIAM® Formula Service in Javascript and Python)
  • Automation
    • Provision of tools for automated testing machine connection, for conversion into machine-independent data exchange formats and for automated upload into the application
    • Machine-independent and expandable data exchange format for consistent further processing of raw and result data
    • Provision of a CRON job editor for the automatic execution of formulas (time-controlled, action-controlled) with examples

The digital and integrated Laboratory

Based on the standard software WIAM® ICE, LabDataHub is an extension using existing functionalities. This means that all processes can also be prepared for automation and digitization and created for the digital laboratory: connection of testing machines, measuring devices, tools, ERP, Windows login, and so on.

The adjustments can be made by your IT staff or by our IT experts. We support you in the best possible way with our years of experience in this area, so that you finally arrive in the digital age. By integrating various departments of clients from product development, material development, external and internal laboratories as well as preparing data for material cards for simulation and validation, you will work with a transparent, secure and consistent data flow in the future.

Contact us and start your digital transformation today!