Materials Data Management: Specifications, Properties and Standards

WIAM® ICE offers solutions for quick and easy retrieval of individual information, for example, material characteristics, special features, alternative materials from the international standards as well as other corporate and external data pools.

Through the use of customisable search criteria, search operations can be performed with uniform routineers. The search can include any number of data pools, such as the material database WIAM® METALLINFO, the material data pool international standards, the company’s own materials, supplier data etc. For the product development process, WIAM offers solutions for the IT-based material comparison, the material selection and material substitution.

Display options for material substitution:

  • Presenting numerous characteristics of material groups
  • Comparison of properties such as tensile strength, yield strength, elongation at break
  • Density, elastic modulus, hardness, weldability, corrosion resistance, price
  • Referencing to specific materials within the material groups
  • Reverse Engineering: List of alternative materials based on certain characteristics and properties
  • Search using reference materials or on specific requirements
  • Selecting one or more groups of materials
  • Tabular and graphical comparison of selected properties of several materials, components, test objects etc.

Display options for material-cross conversion-referencing:

  • Direct and indirect material search in one or more defined data pools
  • Search for similar materials for which there are no direct or official comparative materials
  • Search performance criteria over materials such as chemical composition, tensile strength, modulus of elasticity, density, etc.
  • Determine the tolerance band, and the weighting of the criteria
  • Flexible configuration of the user interface and the functionality of the material search and material comparison
  • Individual user management and flexible adaptation to user groups
  • Complex, graphical representation of material contexts over visualized trees
  • Direct from properties such chemical composition, mechanical and technological properties, physical properties over a number of materials