Automated data exchange between different applications


Business Challenge

In many companies test data from the corporate production using a process chain automatically included in an SAP application. In the mass, these data are unstructured and not verified, thus not yet qualified for use. However, they contain important information about the process performance and the quality of materials and components. For the company, it is necessary that the data is then analyzed and compared with qualified, shared data.



WIAM® has created an interface to the SAP application to automated WIAM® to transfer the data. According to the individual needs and requirements of the departments, the data is pulled together in WIAM® and analyzed according to specific characteristics and evaluated. The mass of data is visualized in WIAM® in charts and displayed as trends over appropriate periods. By comparing the raw data with qualified, shared data discrepancies are in the process chain immediately.


The results are particularly important for the quality management within the company. Process developments are monitored over time and trends in the quality development of tests on materials, parts and products more quickly recognizable. Thus, measures can be taken to counteract a negative trend in time. We are happy to help! Use our contact Formula or visit our team page to make an appointment with us.


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