WIAM® MaterialsHub: The Materials Database for the Digital Material and Component Qualification Process

The development or further development of a product is a complex process. Many engineers in various departments are tasked with designing products in accordance with the technical, but also optical and haptic requirements, and using suitable materials.

WIAM ® MaterialsHub brings these requirements together and collects all technical data that go far beyond chemical, thermal, magnetic or mechanical properties. Process-intensive processing and processing of components and products, e.g. in additive manufacturing, in composite materials or in surface technology, generate a wide variety of data. With MaterialsHub, we have developed a cross-material data model and functionalities that help users develop and update data. Technical requirements through standards, specifications and specifications can be filed and searched, as can legal information on compliance – regardless of whether RoHS, Reach, CP 65, recycling, …

Scope of Application

The product is used in the development of products and especially its material components . Companies can use the product to secure their internal material development and approval , to produce quality and transparency and, above all, to track supplier information on raw materials and components and compare. The software enables cross-material storage of data on raw materials, processing, standards, manufacturing, compliance, and much more.

Customer Benefit

The product supports the customer in the digitization of his material and product information processes . With a view to product liability and protection against loss of information, the product offers the possibility of making the data available at any time according to the processes and user roles prevailing in the company and thus offers a valuable basis for product development, design and protection of components and parts .

WIAM MaterialsHub Screen
3d printing AM
Monitoring Dashboard in WIAM

Functionalities/ Key Features:

  • Material data management and material qualification
    • Creation of any number of materials, material standards, specifications for metals, plastics, ceramics, glass, natural materials, etc.
    • Creation of any number of material components, e.g. raw materials, semi-finished products, lubricants, fibers, matrix, and much more
    • Material approvals through the four or six eyes principle
    • Documentation of all changes (versioning)
    • Comparison of materials in tabular or graphic overview
    • Storage of application areas, application limits, geographic locations
    • Rights-specific display of materials, e.g. by country, role, usage
  • Material search using search terms, standards, groups and parameters (reverse search)
  • Material substitution according to application, or similar
  • Fine-grained consideration of process steps and parameters for e.g. fiber composites, surface technology, additive manufacturing
  • Assignment to components and / or product catalogs
  • Reporting / dashboard
    • Dashboard for an overview of orders, tests, resources, status, etc. with any additional steps to be added
    • Creation of management reports (utilization, KPIs, …
  • Digital material information process – expansion and evaluation
    • Transfer of a cross-material data model for metals, plastics, fiber composites, composites, AM materials, e.g. material description, physical, mechanical, chemical, compliance and much more information about the description of materials
    • Expandability of the data model, e.g. new materials, new material standards, customer-specific data on the material Summary of material parameters from test results (if available in WIAM) using formulas
    • Comparison of material specifications with actual values ​​on the material
    • Creation of any formulas for evaluation, validation and further processing through scripts in the interface that can be adapted by key users (WIAM® Formula Service in Javascript and Python)
    • Provision of a CRON job editor for the automatic execution of formulas (time-controlled, action-controlled) with examples

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