WIAM® METALLINFO: Metal standards enriched with data from accredited laboratories for quick material selection


The WIAM® METALLINFO material database and its modules for metallic parameters are an information system for materials recognized in industry and research and the best tool for selecting metallic materials. Oriented to the requirements of the user, an extensive data pool is available to you, which does justice to the questions from the most diverse areas. The metal standards are supplemented by recoding, manufacturer information and test data from accredited sources and laboratories.


Scope of Application

WIAM® METALLINFO provides databases for use for e.g. construction, material selection, standardization, calculation, simulation and in general product design. The database offers reliable material data for material selection, component & product development, construction, simulation as well as for purchasing and sales. Normalized characteristic values, flow curves, fatigue strength and time-temperature conversion diagrams make the database a valuable source for engineers.

Customer benefit

Do you need reliable and secured characteristic values ​​for standard materials? Do you know the properties that the construction material must have from your application and are you now looking for the right materials? Do you want information on suppliers and synonyms in the context of European and especially German standardization? Do you need to recode a material for another market? With WIAM® METALLINFO you can access over 2 million parameters online or make them accessible to the entire group on your intranet.

Functionalities/ Key Features:

  • Availability of over 6,000 materials and 180,000 modifications
  • Comprehensive material information in the areas:
    • Steel, cast steel and cast iron data
    • Non-ferrous wrought and cast material data: aluminum, copper, magnesium, titanium, nickel, cobalt, zinc
    • Non-ferrous and sintered iron metals
    • Precious metals and alloys
    • Refractory metals and alloys
    • Medical technology materials
    • Magnetic materials
  • Search for materials using names and standards
  • Material search by restricting properties (parameter search)
  • Representation of mechanical-technological and physical properties as well as material description, standard conversion, standard history, material application
  • Detailed chemical composition Information on fracture toughness, corrosion and heat treatment Information on suppliers and trade names
  • Material recoding for other markets
  • Comparison of any number of materials in tabular and graphical representation
  • Provision of flow curves and stress-strain diagrams (technical σ-ε curves) based on test data (compression and tensile tests)
    • Depending on the sheet thickness and rolling direction or the forming speed and temperature
    • Including the parameters of the approximation equations
    • Including the sample and experiment description
  • Information on the fatigue strength of selected materials
    • Wöhler and service life curves (σa / N curves) and strain Wöhler curves depending on geometry and load conditions
    • Graphic representation of the load spectrum and specimen geometry
    • Parameters for determining the cyclic stress-strain curve
    • Specification of the evaluated parameters for the experiments
    • Indication of statistical parameters
    • Including the sample and experiment description
  • Diagram representation of the time-temperature conversion
    • Illustration of continuous graphs
    • Contains cooling curves with hardness information and cooling speed
    • Specification of the percentage structure
    • Specification of the austenitizing time and temperature
    • Including description of the experiment and reference to the source
  • Current and reliable database based on
    • The German and European standardization
    • The FKM guideline and material performance sheets
    • Material tests from various sources, including IMA material research and application technology GmbH, TU Dresden, etc.
    • Information on material restrictions and bans, e.g. RoHS and REACH

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