Laboratory & test data automation


Business Challenge

Companies work with many different suppliers and external laboratories to purchase their materials, goods and data. Often data is delivered in many different formats and must be prepared for internal use. This takes a lot of manual work and leads to errors in the preparation.

WIAM® supports the development of standardised formats, for example in the provision of testing and laboratory characteristics of the manufacturer to the customer. WIAM® is highly interested in supporting companies as well as organisations to jointly develop uniform data formats for characteristics in not yet standardised formats. Through the use of automated interfaces, companies are able to import data of suppliers and manufacturers in WIAM® with no manual effort. Representations of data from individual tests, data aggregations, analysis of material characteristic values as well as a comprehensive diagram and tabular comparisons are valuable features of the information system WIAM® ICE. On top of that, there are also specific evaluations e.g. by joining methods and/ or materials.


The company receives the data from its suppliers. The process of entering the data in the system is fully automated. Manual evaluation and entry is no longer necessary. Suppliers are encouraged to adhere to a common format as otherwise, they are no longer considered as a feasible supplier. In addition, the company receives an overview of the market at a fingertip. With increasing costs and competition, the company has now a better basis for negotiating its prices and thus, works more efficiently. WIAM® facilitates this standard format and can import it automatically.


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