WIAM® Dataportal: The Online Portal for reliable Materials Data

Every design of a product, every planning of a manufacturing process, every virtual protection of components requires parameters that describe the behavior of the materials involved. Finding these is usually the first major challenge in engineering. This means that the developing technicians and engineers are now hunters and gatherers.


Scope of Application

The WIAM® Dataportal offers the possibility of massively shortening this phase by providing a wide range of technical parameters from various sources for thousands of materials. Mechanical and thermodynamic parameters as well as model descriptions for the simulation with various FEM solvers can be called up by simple search queries for metals, plastics and ceramics. Material cards can be exported directly for the most important FE programs, so that there is also no source of error when writing the material cards.

Customer Benefit

The data portal integrates all WIAM databases and makes them available to companies that do not maintain their own material database in your company. From characteristic values ​​through substitution to material cards, we make our databases available to you through various license models and combination options.

Verfügbare Datenbanken im Dataportal:

  • WIAM® METALLINFO: Over 6000 standardized metal materials and their modifications are maintained and made available here every quarter
  • WIAM® Engineering Data: The characteristic values ​​are added to material models from the various databases and can be downloaded via xml in Matlab format
  • WIAM® MMPDS: The approved parameters of the Aviation Committee are made available here in a clear database. The data is updated with every publication.
  • WIAM® Mline Pro: The free database is still available here

Darüber hinaus:

  • Create your individual company area and maintain your own material and component information. Take over materials from the database and add your own information, material cards, characteristic values, etc.

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