Summarising; Searching and evaluating fibre composites & plastics

Business Challenge

The structuring and analysis of FRP data is an important component for companies that rely on fibre composites and plastics. Test & Laboratory data is partly stored in different systems and evaluations have to be drawn together manually in tools such as Powerpoint, Excel and other.


WIAM® has created an interface to the SAP application to transfer data automatically to WIAM®. According to the individual needs and requirements of the departments, data is pulled together in WIAM® and analysed and evaluated according to specific characteristics. The mass of data is visualised in WIAM® in charts and trends are shown over corresponding periods of time.


The results are particularly important for quality management within the company. Process developments are monitored over long periods of time and trends in the quality development of tests on materials, parts and products are spotted in good time. Thus, measures can be taken to counteract a negative trend in time. By comparing raw data with qualified released data, discrepancies within the process chain are immediately visible and deficiencies can instantaneously be remedied in order to improve processes.


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