Industry 4.0 – The age of Digitalisation

One of today’s major technical and cultural challenges is digitalisation, the advent of information technology in all areas of life. For the topics of the industry, summarised under the keyword Industry 4.0, WIAM offers industry-independent solutions. At the centre of digitalisation is data and how to deal with them. WIAM has many years of experience in data management in various industries and across divisions. Consequently, WIAM offers consulting services and implementation of data management concepts as a service to its customers.
Digitalisation usually does not start on the greenfield because companies already have software solutions for many of their tasks. Enterprise standards include ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning) and PLM systems (Product Lifecycle Management). However, these are usually not cross-linked to each other or with other software within a company, thus creating inconsistencies and redundancies in the data storage. Here, WIAM can help.
In the transition from stand-alone applications to networked software, information protection, data protection and IT security take on a whole new meaning and become a very important part of a company’s IT tasks. Here, too, WIAM supports its customers in the conceptual design as well as in the implementation of the adequate solution.