Data Management with Great Potential

„Data is the currency of the future.“

No one is doubting that this phrase must be true. However, having capital and knowing how to effectively deal with capital are two entirely different things. By using the data, a company will prove whether or not it will be successful in times of Industry 4.0, which stands for the automation and digitalisation of industry processes. On the one hand the concept is concerned with saving internal and external data and on the other hand it information is supposed to be transferred quickly and efficiently within a company and or to and from external partners to the place of data consumption. And it can be a competitive advantage knowing how to analyse and evaluate internal data in order to generate new insights to its own markets and costumers.

Therefore, WIAM® ICE offers great potential. This software solution offers the possibility to store and revise any kind of information, to allow easy and intuitive consumption of the data, to evaluate the information in different ways and last but not least to allow a company to provide it to external partners, customers and laboratories as well as internal suppliers and consumers.

The type of data can hence be manifold:

  • Development data
  • Laboratory data
  • Economic data
  • Production data