Healthcare and Biotechnology

The development of vaccines, drugs and new diagnostic methods is the focus of healthcare and biotech companies. The genome analysis is making rapid progress and individual cancer therapies are becoming increasingly common. Imaging experiments, gene libraries, protein & biomolecular analysis, and much more are issues that are considered promising.


Process transparency due to integration has many advantages

Medical devices must be made of the right materials and chemical components so that their application meets safety and reliability requirements. Continuing innovations are highly desirable: smaller, more efficient and reliable products, innovative designs and technical surprises are worthwhile. The composition of products as well as chemical, mechanical and physical properties of the materials used must be tested, documented and archived. The relationships in the process chain from the initial idea, through the development process, from authoring to publication and verification required are an important prerequisite for the long-term success.


By linking of the various systems and areas within the company processes more transparent. This has many advantages

  • Projects / test orders / operations are clearly passed
  • Characteristics, documents, etc. are obtained from a data source
  • Approval processes determine the status of a material contract, etc.
  • Duplication, errors, document losses are avoided
  • International, national and corporate standards are compared
  • Trends over long test series can be derived
  • Ideas, solutions, developments, etc. are not lost, but remain centrally in the company – even at departure of employees
  • And many more

Basically, where LIMS ceases to support the customer’s needs, WIAM® does begin! WIAM software can obtain laboratory data and test results by various interfaces, either directly from the testing machine or from an already existing LIM system. Often, however, this raw data has yet to be evaluated and special analysis, summaries and visualisations need to be compiled for departments, management, customers and partners. Rather than going through the trouble in Excel and PowerPoint itself, appropriate masks can create directly and automatically pull together data in WIAM® evaluations to transfer the sample results.


WIAM® software solutions for high data security

By means of an internally or externally managed user management, specific areas for different user groups can be created. Thus, the laboratory personnel maintain their laboratory data and allow access once the outsourcer, for example, the R&D department, needs to view data. After verification by the R & D department, in turn, specific characteristics are passed on to purchase, calculation, product development, etc.


In case a company is also experimenting with fibre composites and plastics, the module Managing fibre composites & plastics may be a valuable module to meet the specific requirements.


Within innovative and research-intensive companies, data security plays a key role. To ensure the security of data within the software and also within the company, WIAM® offers the possibility to integrate the software into the company-specific IT security concepts and environment.


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