WIAM® MMPDS: The database for material selection for metals from the aerospace industry according to ASM and ASTM

MMPDS, short for Metallic Materials Properties Development and Standardization, is the data standard for the design of metallic components in the aerospace industry and provides characteristic values ​​for metals. This data source provides an excellent basis for the design and simulation of metallic components. As a user, you can not only rely on the quality of the real parameters of many raw material and semi-finished product manufacturers, MMPDS even provides information on how well you can rely on the data for your data. Not only the values ​​themselves are given, but also the confidence levels and the statistical reliabilities of the values.


Scope of Application

WIAM ® MMPDS provides databases for use for e.g. B. Construction, material selection, standardization, calculation and simulation. The data refer to materials that are used in the aerospace industry. The characteristic values ​​are statistically excellently secured and are listed under indication of their reliability . Material parameters, which are used from the MMPDS database for the design, do not have to be further verified for the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).


WIAM receives the current data through membership in the committee and licensor for companies. The existing characteristic values ​​are based on extensive, standardized statistical investigations from the field of quasi-static tension-compression tests, operational strength and thermo-mechanical and thermal characteristic values. Since the sample types and materials are standardized according to ASM and ASTM , the excellently secured data can also be used in all fields of application outside of the aerospace industry.


Customer Benefit

Do you need reliable and secured parameters for metallic materials and connections in the aerospace industry? Do you use metallic materials that are also used in the aerospace industry? Would you like to know how good a parameter is across suppliers and batches? Do you know the properties that your construction material must have from your application and are you now looking for your ideal material? With WIAM ® MMPDS you can access this data online or make it accessible to the entire group on your intranet.

Funktionalitäten/ Key Features:

  • Availability of thousands of metallic materials and fasteners in different treatment states and geometries
  • Comprehensive material information in the areas:
    • Steels Aluminum alloys
    • Magnesium alloys
    • Titanium alloys
    • Refractory alloys
    • Beryllium and copper / copper alloys
    • Hybrid alloys
    • Connection technology
  • Material search by name
  • Material search by restricting properties (parameter search)
  • Representation of mechanical and thermo-physical properties at room temperature and over a wide temperature range
  • Representation of service life and creep data
  • Information on fracture toughness, corrosion and heat treatment
  • Comparison of any number of materials in tabular and graphical representation
  • Database of many suppliers added
  • Selection of the required level of significance

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