MMPDS: Data standard for metals in the aerospace industry – universally applicable to other industries

MMPDS, short for Metallic Materials Properties Development and Standardization, is the officially accepted data standard for design allowables of metallic parts in the aerospace industry.


Approved, Aerospace-relevant metals parameters

The data of the current version of the MMPDS handbook are available as a data module for WIAM® ICE. The data is based on extensive, standardized statistically validated experiments. The data contains stress-strain (quasi-static tensile and compression), fatigue, thermo-mechanical and thermo-dynamic information. Due to the fact, that the materials and specimens refer to ASM and ASTM standards, the MMPDS data is well suited for other applications outside the aerospace industry, as well.

This data source is an excellent basis for the design and simulation of metallic parts and components. Users can rely on the quality of the real properties from raw material suppliers and suppliers of semi-finished products, because additionally, MMPDS is giving information on how reliable each dataset is. MMPDS offers the confidence level and the statistical reliability of any given property. Consequently, users can incorporate this information in their own quality ensurance during their design and calculation.

In connection with WIAM® ICE and WIAM® METALLINFO, WIAM now is offering data and tools for the entire material selection process for metallic parts. The material release process and the management of the customer’s data is organized by WIAM® ICE, while the specification data is part of the WIAM® METALLINFO module. Finally, realistic data for the calculation is supplied by WIAM® MMPDS.

Thousands of data sets for different geometries and (heat) treatments are available within:

  • Steels
  • Aluminum alloys
  • Magnesium alloys
  • Titanium alloys
  • Heat-resistent alloys
  • Beryllium and copper/copper alloys
  • Hybrid alloys
  • Structural joints


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Integration and Visualisation of MMPDS Data within WIAM ICE