The pleasure of driving, design and performance are important components of customer acquisition and thus, the development of cars. The manufacturers thereby produce data and information about materials in enormous amounts.


Requirements for manufacturers

But car manufacturers and automotive suppliers are more often required to verify the component & product development according to the German VDE standard DIN EN 50581. The material-specific documentation of materials, bought and finished products must be technically documented.


Additionally, there are also other requirements of the data structure to manufacturers and suppliers of various industry associations, such as the German VDA and VDEh, and other international organisations such as the French CCFA, the European ACEA or the American Auto Alliance, AAA.


WIAM® offers suitable software solutions for the documentation, maintenance and structuring of all accumulated data for: materials development, information regarding use and testing, shopping information, parameters for calculation and simulation, and more.


WIAM®: Flexible, customizable information system with a high service level

The module test data prepares result-oriented test data and presents these in both a tabular and a graphical approach. Laboratory and test reports are no longer distributed in different folders on drives, making them virtually untraceable, but are indexed in the search and can be found quickly using keywords.


Calculation data and standard data are also accurately modified, evaluated and following that, tabulated and graphically presented. The individual modules are preparing intermediate data, information and documents in such a way, that these are well structured and therefore easy to find.


Through the user management, diverse internal or external groups of users can obtain limited views on certain material groups, data sets and collections. Moreover, the system allows for a distinction between read and write privileges. Depending on the complexity of user groups, various filters can additionally limit views.


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