A matter of tension: WIAM® fatigue RIFEST


For high-performance components: the mechanical strength-proof according to the FKM guideline



WIAM® fatigue RIFEST is a software for the design process as well as the component stress analysis. It forms the guideline-proof strength proof at vouchers for non-welded and welded components according to FKM Guideline 2012 edition. The directive applies to machine components and was founded in 1994 by IMA Materialforschung und Anwendungstechnik GmbH. The predecessor program RifestPlus is replaced by the new development.


Engineers and designers in a wide range of areas benefit from the theoretical and practical knowledge of the methods and calculation algorithms
  • Volumetric and flat-shaped non-welded components
  • welded components
  • Strength detection for point-based stresses based on e.g. FEM calculations or strain gage measurements


Contents of the basic version
  • Fatigue strength test as permanent or operational strength proof incl. Required static strength proof
  • Strength proof for several detection points based on existing local elastic stresses
    (E.g., from FEM calculations or strain gauge measurements)
  • For non-welded non-welded components (basic material)
  • Extensive database for non-welded machine components: rolled steel, cast iron materials, aluminum
  • materials (including material values)
  • Normal and elevated temperature
  • Maintenance, updates and program support (in the first year incl.)
  • Monolingual: German or English
  • cost-effective single user license


Content of the premium version
  • Evidence for surface-welded components
  • Comprehensive database for welded machine components
  • Extensive presentation of results in report form
  • Bilingual: German and English


Options that you can book with your WIAM® fatigue RIFEST package
  • Floating license
  • Maintenance, updates and program support from the 2nd year
  • Competent IMA advice on the FKM directive
  • Rental or purchase license


Individual services

  • Individual Add-Ons and customer-specific upgrades, such as layouts for documentation
  • Integration of company-specific datasets
  • Customer-specific integration into FE solver environment (Upgrade into FE-pre- and post-processors)
  • Location license model
  • Company license model


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Contact person:
Dr.-Ing. Tom Schiemann
Phone: +49 351 8837 6565
E-Mail: rifest@ima-dresden.de
We gladly inform you about additional information on WIAM® fatigue RIFEST and its application and conditions.



We offer trainings around the application of the software and about the FKM guidelines at the customer’s or on IMA Dresden’s premises.


Test version

Test the calculation tool WIAM® fatigue RIFEST.
We will grant you access to our online version for test purposes.