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WIAM is featured in the AutoTechOutlook magazine and is among the top ten AutoTechOutlook Automotive Technology Solution Providers in Europe in 2020. Data is the proverbial driver of the automotive industry. Data steers the wheel into the future to make the industry smarter, more agile and more competent. Despite this understanding, the lucrative data has often not been fully explored by the automotive industry. The reason? The power of data is mostly hidden or underestimated due to the isolated OEM workflow and the original infrastructure, where neither the automobile manufacturers nor their suppliers get a 360 degree view of their data landscape. In addition, there are costs associated with it that many entrepreneurs are currently unable to justify well.

WIAM has been pursuing the strategy of helping motorists with their data challenges for several decades. It’s about much more than “just” digital data.

We want to encourage our customers to bring IT, engineering and management under one roof and to design efficient digital processes for this. This also includes breaking down the existing data silos and making information visible in accordance with the rights concepts. The dependencies in the supply chain start with the concept idea and OEMs such as tier 1, 2 and 3 suppliers are dependent on other suppliers. In between, a lot of information is lost or not efficiently digitized.

WIAM relies on creating solutions that simplify data management in several places: through input templates, through automation, e.g. through CRON jobs and Python scripts, through flexible dashboards to design workflows and to keep an eye on tasks and much more. Customers should also have the opportunity to maintain their own templates, scripts and CRONs. An extensive REST API enables data to be exchanged between tools, databases and other software in order to create a networked world.

In product development, we start with the smallest development unit, the material, and digitize it from the requirement to the material card and ultimately to the end product. Component tests, laboratory tests, resources, certificates and much more. can be combined in WIAM to form a holistic world of digital data.

Learn more in the article WIAM Your Data Management Specialists for Improved Productivity edited and published by AutoTechOutlook.

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