New metals data: WIAM at the MMPDS spring meeting in Baton Rouge, USA

WIAM presented the integration of the MMPDS database within its product portfolio during the spring meeting of the MMPDS consortiums in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. As a licensee, WIAM is now able to offer this qualified data to its customers and hence, proposes another opportunity to integrate metal data.


MMPDS, kurz für Metallic Materials Properties Development and Standardization, is the main organization of the North American aerospace industry regarding materials data for metals. At the biannual meetings, OEMs, material suppliers and governmental organizations (e.g. FAA) vote on which material data, when validated by a determined statistical coverage, can be used as design values and which have to be investigated further.


In 2019, WIAM became not only a member, but also a licensee of MMPDS. Thus, WIAM is now selling this excellently proven material database for metals. The MMPDS datasets are well applicable to other industries and branches and are now available through WIAM to support companies’ R&D processes within WIAM® ICE. The MMPDS database is seen as a validated and reliable source for metals properties and can be applied for calculation and simulation of parts and products.

WIAM attended the 2019 MMPDS spring meeting and presented successfully, how MMPDS data integrates into WIAM® ICE and the additional features available to customers. The emerging topic at this meeting was Additive Manufacturing. For these technologies, WIAM® ICE is extremely suitable, due to the boundlessness regarding different types of data (process data, product data, material data).

Integration and Visualisation of MMPDS Data within WIAM ICE

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